Day 31 – Duncan, AZ to Apache Gold Casino and Resort (112.4 mi)

Today Nalani and Carsten were planning on biking 43 miles to Safford, AZ. I drove ahead to Safford to pick out the least sketchy RV Park I could find and to get an oil change. I then waited for Nalani and Carsten in a café. They showed up around 11am and we ate $3.50 breakfast sandwiches as an early lunch. Both Nalani and Carsten seemed fairly lethargic and we didn’t talk much over our food.

We then parted ways for them to bike and me to drive to the RV Park a few blocks away. On their ride to the park, Carsten and Nalani decided they wanted to keep on biking. Their reasoning: Carsten felt too lethargic to do his English, so they may as well keep going.

The next lodging option wasn’t for another 70 miles because we were about to enter the Apache Reservation. Moreover the next lodging option was the Apache Gold Casino and Resort, which sounded expensive to me. I decided to call and see how much it was before deciding whether or not to have Carsten and Nalani keep going. It turned out that the resort was running a special, so it was cheaper than any other hotel we had come across so far. Apparently they entice you with cheap rates in the hope that you will blow a lot of money gambling.

With a bit of trepidation Carsten and Nalani restocked on food and water and hit the road again. I made them promise to call if they needed anything. I spent a few more hours in the café writing and looking at job boards for this fall. Then I stopped in at Safeway to buy Carsten and Nalani hard apple cider and coconut water as post ride treats. I assumed they would need them after biking 112 miles.

I passed Nalani and Carsten when they had just over 30 miles to go. They restocked on water from the car, but assured me they were okay. It was 88-degrees and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.

I checked in at the casino resort and waited for Carsten and Nalani. Finally just after dark, they arrived. Nalani threw herself on the bed and announced she wasn’t sure if she would ever move again, but then a minute later she was up and showering. Both of them seemed much more chipper than at the café this afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Day 31 – Duncan, AZ to Apache Gold Casino and Resort (112.4 mi)

  1. Everyone sorry it has been a while since I read your posts but I have caught up this afternoon. sounds like things are going well and I am not sure who Ben, Jojo and Lauren are but glad to hear Ben just picked one of them. As for the speed limit signs, not to worry they are white in color and I have always believed them to be just suggestions, the ones in yellow or red are for real.
    Marijka, sorry to hear about your army being defeated by a bunch of chickens but that doesn’t say much for your army. Glad to see you came over to the green side as that is my favorite color, probably because sprinklers keep the grass green.
    Carsten congratulations on the acceptance letters, what a great honor to have these 2 schools want you there to study. I think Oma paid St Joseph to accept your mom and I. As for your radio career, it sounds like we need to find you a bigger audience, 1 fan may not be enough, even if it your sister.
    Well keep up the great work and blogs and Happy Easter to all of you

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  2. Hallo dear Carsten, Nalani and Marijke! I love to read about your experiences on your bicycletour and to see your fotos! The wheellights look very nice in the dark and many other details.Thank you so much for blogging, Marijke! And many thanks to Maureen, who mailed the link!
    Now I hope your knee is much better by now, Marijke! And that you are all in good shape. Wishing you good luck and a happy continuation! A big hug to all of you. Angela looking foreward seeing you in June hopefully

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