Rest Day 2 – Tempe, AZ

Carsten, Nalani, Papa and I started our day by going on a hike in Phoenix’s South Mountain Park. With over 16,000 acres, it is the largest municipal park in the United States. A Jack Rabbit scampering across the trail in front of us reminded us all that this is Easter Sunday.

Phoenix, located in the heart of the Sonoran desert, gets an average annual rainfall of only 8 inches, meaning that most of the areas we hiked through were gravely and only sparsely vegetated. But the harshness of the climate made me only more impressed by the species that still manage to hold on. My favorites were the Ocotillos, which look like giant bouquets of orange flowers, and the century-old Saguaro Cactuses.

In the afternoon, we picked Andy up from the airport and finally our whole family is together. Andy is currently on spring break and will come along with Carsten, Nalani and me for our next few days of biking.


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