Day 35 – Tempe, AZ to Phoenix, AZ (19 mi)

After a morning spent chatting over coffee and eggs, Carsten, Nalani, Andy and I said goodbye to our parents and continued our trek towards the pacific. Our destination for tonight – an RV park further west in Phoenix’s extended urban area – wasn’t very far. Carsten and I pedaled the distance, while Nalani and Andy stocked up on food.

Tonight’s RV park is not well setup for tent campers. Instead of simply giving us a regular RV site, they had us settle into a small grassy area next to the bathrooms and laundry. It is nice to have grass to sleep on, but we are also in the middle of the park’s activity. A number of campers walked right through our area to access the laundry facility and one man stood, observing us unabashedly while he waited for his laundry and smoked a cigarette. Every exhale sent a billow of smoke into our midsts. For the most part, however, we managed to ignore our lack of privacy and enjoy our time together as siblings.

Carsten and I leaving the Airbnb where we spent Easter weekend together as a family. Carsten has taken to riding around on his back rack, terming it “recumbant-style.”

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