Day 36 – Phoenix, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ (51 mi)

Carsten and Nalani biked today, while Andy and I spent the day together as the sag wagon drivers. Andy and I started our day by summiting Phoenix’s North Mountain and then drove on to Horsepitality RV Park and Stables in Wickenburg, AZ.

Carsten and Nalani texted that they were still a few hours away, so Andy and I spent the afternoon walking in a dry river bed to downtown Wickenburg, which boasted numerous wild west themed shops and restaurants.

In the late afternoon, Carsten and Nalani arrived at the RV park. Today marked the finish of another map panel, so we went out to homemade ice cream in waffle bowls before making dinner.Once again our site as tent campers in an RV park was the grassy area next to the restrooms. This grassy area was larger than last night’s, however, so even though we felt on display we didn’t mind it too much.

At the summit of North Mountain. 



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