Day 37 – Wickenburg, AZ to Wenden, AZ (48 mi)

We are now biking in the full intensity of the desert sun. Carsten and I had our lunch break today in a drainage tunnel under the road because it was the only thing around that afforded any shade. Cyclists who bike this route in the summer tend to bike at night rather than contest with the sun and temperatures well into the 100s. I reapply sunscreen frequently, but still have trouble not getting burnt. By the end of a riding day my hands are usually bright red; I now understand why so many cyclists wear riding gloves.

Tonight we are staying at a county park that is centered around a golf course. The park has some watered trees, so we were able to hide for awhile in the shade. Andy has taken on the role of trip photographer. He makes the rest of us pause at cooking, dishwashing, etc., so that he can adjust us according to the light and best capture these everyday trip moments.

After dinner, we decided it was time for a sibling poker tournament. Andy fell in love with poker nearly 15 years ago on a family vacation in Utah and poker has been a family staple ever since. By age six, when other kids were learning go fish, Carsten could already play a mean hand of Texas Hold-em. We didn’t pack any poker chips on this trip, so we used risk pieces instead – we bet miniature cannons, raised one cavalry, or called with our infantry.



One thought on “Day 37 – Wickenburg, AZ to Wenden, AZ (48 mi)

  1. Andy – could I get copies of those photos?

    I always worried that someone would call Child Protective Services when 5-year-old Carsten would show off his Poker abilities!


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