Day 38 – Wenden, AZ to Ehrenberg, AZ (63 mi)

Today Carsten was the sag wagon driver for the first time. He wanted to spend a day with Andy. Nalani and I were excited to have one sister biking day, but as we rode we both kept forgetting that it was each other instead of Carsten with us. I would say something expecting Carsten to respond and be thrown off by Nalani’s feminine voice.

Towards the end of the day, I made a slight map reading mistake. I thought our campground was just west of the Colorado River in California when it was really in Arizona. Nalani and I crossed the stateline and took all our usual border crossing photos, just to realize fifteen minutes later that we needed to cross back into Arizona. Nalani suspected that my mistake was purposeful so I would get the opportunity to cross into our final state by bike.

Tonight we really lucked out with our RV park. They only charge $10 for first time campers and possibly have the best amenities of any RV park we’ve stayed at, including a pool, a ping pong table, and pool table. The park is also incredibly alive with birds.

We spent the evening playing ping pong and pool. Carsten and I came out victorious at pool, despite my only hitting in three balls, including one for Nalani and Andy.


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