Day of Celebration – San Diego, CA

Today is our day of celebration. Tomorrow we will start our drive home to South Bend. Our first order of business was to get ice cream to celebrate finishing our very last map panel. We opted for a shop called the Baked Bear, a few miles down the coast from our campground. We enjoyed biking along the trail along the ocean. Nalani and I commented that men in San Diego seemed to be particularly good looking. Carsten chimed in that all the girls were babes. Nalani and I made fun of Carsten for the rest of the day for using the term “babes.”

The bike ride to the Baked Bear was well worth it. It was the best ice cream place I’ve been to in a long while. The ice cream shop specializes in ice cream sandwiches. You can chose an ice cream flavor, and then a fresh baked cookie for both the top and the bottom of your sandwich. I had cookie dough ice cream, with a brownie on the bottom and a peanut butter cookie on top. You can then have the sandwich heated up in what looks like a panini press. It was absolutely delicious.

The only downside of the experience is that Sophie, Grayson and I were planning on starting an ice cream sandwich shop specializing in fresh baked cookies. We thought the idea was incredibly original, little did we know that San Diego alone already has two shops specializing in made to order ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies. South Bend still could use a good ice cream parlor though, so maybe if I convince Sophie and Grayson to move here, our business dreams can still come to fruition.

We spent most of the afternoon on the beach. We built an enormous sand city, Carsten and Nalani built two life-sized sand sculptors, and Carsten went for a run while Nalani went for a walk, while I napped.

In the late afternoon we returned to our campground to partake in the campground’s ping pong tournament. Carsten got third place. I didn’t place, but was glad to represent my sex in an otherwise all male tournament.

We cooked ourselves a quiet dinner and went to bed early. We want to beat rush hour tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Day of Celebration – San Diego, CA

  1. Marijke, Sophie and Grayson – you had better open that ice cream shop with fresh baked cookie, ice cream sandwiches here in South Bend. I will be a regular, I promise!


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