Flagstaff, AZ

This morning the check engine light came on in my car again. We decided to ignore. We wanted to spend a nice day in Flagstaff with friends without worrying about the car.

We arrived at the Carlile house to a beautiful brunch of fresh berries, homemade jelly, maple syrup and towering stacks of french toast. Jan and Dave were incredibly warm hosts. We spent hours bantering over our food, eagerly exchanging stories about our trip and their recent adventures.

I then spent the afternoon with my dear friend Claire. She took me up to the Lowell Observatory, from which we had a view of all of Flagstaff. In the evening she had a meeting, so we parted ways and Carsten, Nalani and I met back up with Jan and Dave for another incredible home-cooked meal. After dinner my dear friend Lucy joined us for several hours of lively conversation.

We have had many incredible experiences on this trip, but the warmth from Jan and Dave will stand out to me as one of the highlights of this trip. It has made me excited to return home to the embrace of our South Bend community.


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