Washington University in St. Louis, MO

Carsten and I spent Thursday and Friday exploring Wash U and St. Louis. Friday we had dinner with my dear friend Becca who is finishing up an engineering degree at Wash U.

Friday Carsten and I started our day by sneaking into Wash U’s gym in order to lift. After our delinquent behavior, we participated in all of Wash U’s official visitor activities. We toured the campus, went to information sessions, went to business and engineering specific information sessions and ate in the dining facilities. By the end of the day we were exhausted by listening to official-speak, but we also left with a very positive view towards Wash U. Carsten hinted that Wash U had moved to the top of his list.

Despite being tired and wanting to make it home to South Bend, Carsten and I decided to stop by the city museum. We had heard from multiple people that it was a must see. We planned to only stop by briefly, but as soon as we got inside, we knew that we would be there for quite some time. This place is Carsten’s personal paradise. It is housed in an old shoe company and is basically a giant jungle gym for children and adults alike made from predominantly found items. Every corner of the museum is fun but also beautiful. We squeezed through tiled passage ways, slid down hollowed out logs, climbed up metal towers. We were at the museum until 9pm and then decided it was time to hit the interstate.

I didn’t expect to drive all the way home, but once I was on the road the reality that I was headed home hit me all at once. I drove the seven hours home, just breaking once for gas and caffeine, while Carsten slept beside me. At 4am we reached South Bend. We crawled into our beds, each one decorated by a kind welcome home note. Our trip was over.



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